MTK META Utility V72 dead boot repair

 MTK META Utility V72 dead boot repair


MTK META Utility V72

MTK META Utility V72 : Release date - 23.12.2022

* New Features and Enhancements :

  1. - Added Samsung Galaxy A03 SM-A035F (BIT2) dead boot repair via (USB),
  2. no need (JTAG/ISP/DEBUG PAC), just one click.
  3. - I have seen a lot of people struggling to recover their bricked Samsung UniSoC devices (Especially Samsung A035F),
  4. after flash (wrong/low-ver/downgrade/incompatible) ROM in Download Mode or (Debug/Eng) ROM (combination.PAC) in BRom mode (SPRD U2S Diag),
  5. the device becomes completely dead, or stuck at FastBoot mode.
  6. - My current repair method can recover the device from the both conditions.
  7. - Just connect the device in (SPRD/BRom) mode and perform the operation.
  8. - The repair operation is safe and don't affect on (NV/MODEM/calibration) data.
  9. - Recommended version to flash after repair (A035FXXU2BVI8).
  10. - Flash (U2/X2) (Debug/FAC) ROM or update your device to BIT2 Rev, if you want to try the repair procedure.
  11. - DEBUG_USB_RECOVERY PAC files available everywhere, you can download from (Infinity/Pandora) support.
  12. and flash with any SPD tool. After FW update, the device will stuck at Fastboot mode,
  13. in case if you flash with any tool, make sure to un-tick (SPLLoaderUFS) partition,
  14. you will need to re-connect in BRom mode, and recover with our software.
  15. - After repair boot with our software, just flash the device with ODIN using Samsung factory firmware, recommended version to flash after repair (A035FXXU2BVI8) or higher.
  16. - After flash Debug Binaries (Eng/Dev ROM) in BootROM mode,
  17. you can Unlock & Relock the Bootloader easily via Fatsboot cmd,

Supported Bloader Info versions:

Next version will add :
** ONEPLUS QCOM .OPS extract.
** LG MTK KDZ extract.
** Nokia NB0 extract.
** OZIP extract.
** Samsung UNISOC Rom extract.

using the following commands in Fatsboot mode :

  •  fastboot.exe oem unlock.
  •  fastboot.exe flashing lock.

 Bug Fixes :

- Random crashes while (searching/connection) to COM ports.
- Some (GUI/Internal) optimizations were added.

Phased out (G-Lock disable tasks) :

- For a legal issues, we don't do these operations anymore.
- my main aim of creating this software is to help people (recover/fix) their (&OWN&) devices legally only.

1st mission accomplished, i'll work this week on the second task (Honor X6).

$ We allow the use of this software under certain circumstances.
- Therefore, this software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty.
In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software,
please only use for legal servicing and maintenance of mobile phones,
and must not be used for illegal purposes.

USE it at your own risk. 

Download Links

Link1 (MediaFire)

Link2 (GoogleDrive)

Link3 (MEGA)

Archive Password = mtk_meta_utility

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